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November 26th, 2013

A Q&A with Shashi Cool Feet Socks’ Natalie Lerch Redit

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Ever since I began taking Pure Barre classes, I’ve been on a search for the perfect sock.  It can’t be too thick ’cause I’m hot enough already during the workout. Adding what feels like fuzzy warm winter slippers elevates my temp and becomes a total distraction–I can’t stay focused. But I also need those grippy nubs on the sole for extra traction.

I got lucky while scouring the Internet–I stumbled on Shashi Cool Feet Socks. They are just the right thin-ness, with traction, and they are completely chic. Of course, they were created by a woman who spent nearly two decades doing Pilates and who knew we need a good sock for a workout. As with all clever inventions, Natalie Lerch Sudit used her experience to develop a sock that performs in a studio environment while still maintaining an element of style.//Click Here for more @SarasotaMagazine.com

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March 8th, 2013

HPE :: Human Performance Engineering

HPE, human performance engineering

If you take your workout seriously then you’re gonna love being on the cutting edge with the hottest athletic gear out there. It’s called HPE (Human Performance Engineering) and founder Nick Harris has been at the forefront of the science of human performance since the 90s. Nick’s even worked with our own Brian Johnson of AC/DC during their world tour. And, HPE is gaining ground overseas in a major way. In fact, the line is launching in Harrod’s this June.

Intrigued?  I was.  As you can imagine, being exposed to a cool product has become an occupational hazard. But, the gear delivers more than it promises; I already feel the difference in recovery time after a serious Yoga class. And, wait ‘till you read what Nick says about how HPE will be your new go-to travel gear, especially in the battle against jet lag.//READ MORE @ SarasotaMagazine.com

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