March 23rd, 2016

Sarasota’s Charlotte Perret Publishes Book About Parisian Carnivals


As a Francophile, I’m in awe (and maybe a teensy bit jealous) of the life of Sarasota’s own Charlotte Perret, who lived for nearly 20 years in the City of Light, where she raised her family as she studied French lit at the Sorbonne (swoon!) and taught English to French business execs.  While there, family members of Parisian carnival folk befriended Perret, brought her into their guarded world, and not only shared their street fair stories, but also their historical vintage memorabilia dating from the 1880s-1950s–some never before seen or published.

Enter At Their Doorstep, a first-hand glimpse into the exciting itinerant lives of generations of carnival families who brought massive street fairs to Paris, sometimes for weeks at a time–and often with the latest 20th-century industrial inventions like the automobile, electric lighting and cinema. //Read More Here

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